The H-E-A-R-T of Pastor Matt

My life exists to be “radically intentional about making disciples of all nations to the glory of Jesus Christ.” The church God has entrusted to me to pastor exists to be “radically intentional about making disciples of all nations to the glory of Jesus Christ.”

There was a major disconnect between my purpose statement, the church’s purpose statement and my blog. In short, my blog was more being “radically random with whenever and whatever I get a whim to blog about.” So decided to totally ‘revamp’ my blog and be much more intentional with it.

God willing, this blog will be somewhat of a reflection of my HEART. Each letter in the word HEART stands for different ‘intentional’ theme I want this blog to communicate.

H stands for HOME. This means I will post areas that relate to what is going on in and around my life regarding marriage and family issues. Some of it will be personal, as it relates to me and what God is showing me through marriage and child-rearing (and adoption!). Some of it will be items of interest I come across to help equip spouses and parents be “radically intentional” in their marriage and family.

E stands for EXTRAS. There are times during a Sunday message when I (1) recommend a book, (2) mention a great quote, (3) need to clarify a statement made, and/or (4) run out of time to mention something of importance. SO, this section of the blog will be devoted to Sunday Sermon ‘Extras.’

A stands for ARTICLES. Often I run across some extremely helpful articles that I think will benefit, not just myself, but others who might read this blog – in particular the congregation at WBC. This section will be devoted to random ‘Articles’ of interest that I consider to be valuable.

R stands for READING. I absolutely LOVE to read! Lately, however, I have realized that I have not been reading very intentionally. I have been reading, not to learn and grow, but to see how much I can read as quickly as possible. I haven’t been retaining much. This section of the blog will include books (and links where they can be found/ordered) along with helpful quotes and thoughts regarding the books. I hope this will (1) help me slow down and actually retain what I am reading, and (2) offer some help to others with valuable quotes and good book recommendations.

T stands for THEOLOGY. This section will include a random selection of theological issues I am dealing with and/or think might be of benefit for the Wynne Baptist flock.

Thus, this blog will be a look into the HEART of pastor Matt for the purpose of being “radically intentional about making disciples of all nations to the glory of Jesus Christ.” I look forward to sharing with and hearing from you regarding to these issues in the days ahead.



About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. I love your HEART pastor. I will look forward to continuing to read your blog! Praying for you as you lead!

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