Vacation Victories (H)

This past week (June 27th – July 3rd) my family went to Perdido Beach in Florida. This was, by far, the most fun I have had with Katie, Luke, and Seth on an extended trip away from home. It was like different victories were piled on top of the other.
Let me mention a few notable vacation victories:

1. Luke and Seth swimming on their own – last year Luke needed swimmies and Seth would not let me leave his grasp in the pool. This year, for much of the time, they just wanted to be ‘left to themselves’ in the pool.

2. The boys played golf together – okay, so maybe just me…but Seth sure can hit it hard and straight and Luke is one of the finest caddies in the business (a remarkable flag holder). Both are dangerously good and driving the golf cart and both can be convinced to let daddy play 9 more if a Coke is purchased. I LOVE doing guy things with the boys. What a gift from God!

3. Laughter – the four of us laughed and laughed and laughed with each other more than I think we ever had. Our quote of the week was Seth’s version of Tow Mater’s “dad gum”: “Bad Gum!” We laughed so hard at Seth thinking this is what Mater said that whenever one of us would get a bit frustrated at something we would shout, “Bad Gum!” …Out of the mouth of babes.

4. My incredibly gorgeous and hot wife – this is definitely a victory for Matt Pearson. There are alot of pretty people in this world. There are alot of pretty people at the beach (Sure, there are alot of people who shouldn’t be at the beach too…especially wearing certain items of clothing!). There are alot of pretty people dressed up nice at the restaurants at night at the beach. But none, and I mean none, can hold a candle to the beauty of my super hot wife. Win for Pearson.


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. Connie Pearson

    I like the new focus and intentionality of your blog — ESPECIALLY the part where you are adding personal touches and insights. Besides the fact that you could use a good shave, the pictures are great. I love hearing you compliment your wife’s beauty. You’re right. She’s stunning!

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