Are Church Buildings Biblical? (A)

The Gospel Coalition has an interesting dialogue with pastors on this very issue. They get opinions from David Platt, J.D. Greear, Matthew Lee Anderson, and David Gobel.
Click here to read through the entirety of the opinions.

To whet your appetite…

One says, “Like all civic and commercial institutions, when churches construct buildings, they are building public statements about their identity. All buildings—whether art museums, gas stations, big-box retailers, or churches—bear witness to the institutions they serve.”

Another says, “There’s also nothing in the NT that says we should construct church buildings. So why is it that, whenever we plant a church or whenever a church starts to grow, the first thing we think is, We need to spend masses of our resources on a building? Why would we spend an inordinate amount of our resources on something that is never prescribed or even encouraged in the NT?”

Another says, “I have to admit, though, that it does seem odd that we would spend so much to build a monument to a God who does not dwell in temples made with hands. While God certainly can be glorified through architecture (Ex. 31:1-6), the divine beauty of the church is not revealed in its buildings but in the Christ-likeness of its people.”

And yet another says, “Buildings and other forms of human making shape us, then, because our bodies affect our souls as much as our souls affect our bodies. While evangelicals have rightly focused on the interior life, the interior life has a particular shape based on whether and how we ‘present [our] bodies as a living sacrifice.’ While architecture may not be the main thing for evangelicals, the main thing isn’t the only one that matters.

Go read for yourself who says what and why.

What do you think?


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