Why Was Paul OBILIGATED to Preach the Gospel? (R)

In the foreword of David Horner’s When Missions Shapes the Mission: You and Your Church Can Reach the World, David Platt gives four ‘rock-solid realities’ as to why the apostle Paul had a sense of obligation to preach the gospel to the unreached:

1. Paul knew that people who had never heard the gospel had only enough knowledge of God to damn them to hell.

2. Paul knew that the grace of God is powerful enough to save people everywhere for heaven.

3. Paul knew that God’s plan warrants the sacrifice of His people.

4. Paul knew that the Son of God deserves the praise of all peoples.

Platt then writes:

“In light of this holy obligation, we do not have time to waste. We do not have time to play artificial games in contemporary culture or wage artificial wars in comfortable churches. We have been compelled by a God-centered passion, and we have been created for a global purpose. Every Christian and every church has been called to participate on the front lines of this mission. Together we sacrifice our lives and our churches in death-defying obedience to His commands, confident that one day we will gather with a ransomed people from every nation, tribe, and tongue; and we will declare His praises for all of eternity” (xiii).


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