Should a Christian Vote for a Mormon? (A)

Like it or not, these are questions Christians are going to have to face today and (more than likely) in the days ahead.

Once again, Al Mohler has done a really good job by helping Christians think rightly about this issue.

In an article posted earlier today, not only does Mohler provide a solid overview of the Mormon faith, but he also helps followers of Jesus begin to think through the ramifications of voting for people with differing religious views.

Click here to read the article.

Here’s a portion:

“Can a faithful Christian vote for a Mormon candidate?  It is on this question that Evangelicals must think forcefully, faithfully . . .  and fast. We need to recognize that we are asking this question from a privileged historical and political context. For most of our nation’s history, voters have chosen among presidential candidates who were identified, to one degree or another, with some form of Protestant Christianity. To date, for example, America has had only one Roman Catholic president and one Jewish candidate for vice president as a major party nominee. . .”


“None of this settles the question of whom Evangelicals should support in the 2012 presidential race. Beyond this, those who support any one candidate for the Republican nomination must, if truly committed to electing a president who most shares their worldview and policy concerns, end up supporting the candidate in the general election who fits that description.

“We are facing what are, for America’s Evangelicals, new questions. These questions will call for our most careful, biblical, and faithful thinking. We need to start thinking urgently — long before we enter the voting booth.”



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