Loving Your Ways (T)

This morning I read the following out of Proverbs 19: “. . . he who despises his ways will die” (verse 16b).

Seriously? I’ve read through the book of Proverbs every month since I was in Junior High (okay, so maybe I’ve skipped a couple of months, but still). I’ve NEVER noticed that. Someone who despises his ways will die.

Now sure, this could be referring to despising the ways of God (seems to point this direction. . . especially if you look at the first half of the verse). But it also could mean despising your own ways. The author doesn’t specify for us. We all know that if you despise the ways of God you will die.

But I think the other is true too. Doing those things that you despise doing will kill you. It may not kill you physically, but it could kill you emotionally. . . or mentally. . . or spiritually. . .or, you get the point. It could kill your marriage or your family or your vitality or, you get the point.

If you are like me you find yourself sometimes in a rut where you are doing things you despise. Or thinking about things you despise. Or being somebody you despise. It seems to happen without notice and it seems to happen almost naturally.

“He who despises his ways will die.”

I don’t want to despise my ways and die. I want to love my ways and live. Guess who is the responsible party? You betcha: ME.

Setting my life on a trajectory that is pleasing to the Lord (which is what I love to do!) is up to ME.

Setting my mind on things that are above (which is what I want!) is up to ME.

Doing those things I WANT to do and LOVE to do and actually ENJOY doing are up to ME. Being the ME God made me to be, well . . . it’s up to ME.

He who despises his ways will die. . . yes. But he who loves his ways will live. Are you loving your ways right now? Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full.


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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