Sanctification Via an In-Law (T)

Yep. That’s right. I was sanctified through my older sister’s husband, David Baggett (you can follow him on Twitter @dbaggett98).

And, no, it wasn’t by having to exhibit patience or biting my tongue or withholding any frustrating moments of rage. It wasn’t even having to withhold any snide or joking remarks with my younger sister as if a once in a lifetime moment of ‘let’s crack on Laura and David’ occurred. This was me being sanctified by-without being rebuked personally-being rebuked personally.

Let me explain.

I love to hear about people who are being ‘radically intentional about making disciples.’ I REALLY love to hear when dads are being ‘radically intentional about making disciples with their children.’ While sipping on egg nog and discussing cremation with the family (yes, it’s true. . . I wrote about it here. . .what? doesn’t every family do that at Christmas?), someone mentioned that David operates a Trolley on Saturdays in Fort Smith, AR – where he, Laura, Nathan (6 yrs), and Meagan (3 yrs) live. Now. I knew he didn’t make millions, but I thought they were doing okay financially. So I asked him, “Does it pay good?” He laughed and said he didn’t get paid anything. So now I am REALLY curious. With all due respect to my brother-in-law, he is not known as “Mr. Social” and the “Life of the Party.” From what I know, he doesn’t even like parties. So that got me wondering why in the world he would work Monday-Friday and THEN go and operate a TROLLEY for goodness sake on Saturday with ZERO income, especially when he doesn’t even like people (okay, that may be a bit too extreme, but play along. . .)????

Know what he said? He said that Nathan (his 6 year old son) LOVES Thomas the Train and LOVES riding the Trolley and this was a way for he to connect with his son and to love on his son and to build a deeper relationship with his son. Nathan gets to go with his daddy on the Saturdays he operates the Trolley and he thinks his daddy is AMAZING for being able to run that machine.

Wow. I was personally rebuked by not being personally rebuked. Know what I mean?

The fact that David is NOT a social butterfly makes this so powerful to me. He is willing to move beyond comforts and personal preferences and trying to make Nathan fit into his expectations and life in order to undergird his son to live out the life HE was made to live.

David Baggett may not be famous anywhere else in the world, but you know what? He is famous at home and famous with his son, Nathan. Where else would anyone truly want to be famous?

Dads, are you famous at your house? What would your child be thrilled to see you do with and for them that would make them beam? We only have a short time with our children. Let’s do it now men, before the Trolley leaves the station without us.


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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