“My Alarm Clock Says PM!”

Last night as I was entering into the land of snores and drool, all cuddled up with my sweet wife (who hates both. . . snores and drool, not cuddling!), I heard her angelic voice say (which, when you are about to be asleep comes across as more demonic), “I think I set my alarm for PM.” She had to get up super early today. She is on her way to a conference in Atlanta for moms who have/are adopting. She was, of course, thinking through everything possible and realized she MIGHT have set her alarm for PM instead of  AM. So she moved out of her spot in the bed to check (NOTE: this is where I am SUPPOSED to be loving or at least NOT say anything and just let her do it. . . But she not only woke me up with words but now jostled me out of my most comfy position. . . so I sighed loud enough for her to hear it and rolled over – just like a heroic husband!).

Sure enough, the alarm was set for PM. She reset it for AM, ignored my sigh, and very simply said, “Thank You Lord.”

Whoah. She just thanked the Lord for waking me up! No. It wasn’t that. She thanked the Lord for bringing across her mind the fact that she set her alarm for PM. She knew that was Him. She seriously thanked Him – out loud! The nerve! Here I am trying to grump myself back to sleep and she is going to thank the Lord for waking everybody up!

What a reminder I needed then and now and, really, every day. God loves His children so much that He cares about even the smallest and most mundane things. Had Katie not woken up in time, she would have missed her morning routine. For some, that is no big deal. But for my precarious (and precious!) wife, getting the hundreds of things done in the morning that she likes to do is HUGE for how the rest of her day will go. God knew that. God knew how He wired Katie. God knew that she would be in a royal funk the rest of the day had she slept late(r). What’s even more incredible? God knows how bad I want my wife to ‘soak’ everything up at this conference and not have anything interfere. . . especially an unexpected rushed morning. He answered my prayer for her to have a great experience simply by bringing to her mind that her alarm MIGHT be set for PM.

Our God is so good to His children. He cares for us in the big ways and in the really, really small ways. He knows how He wired us and knows just how to transform us into the best version of ourselves. He wants you to be you.

What do you need to ‘wake up’ to and thank Him for?


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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