Guys Weekend, Positive Demeanor, and Full Love Tank (F)

Last weekend, my wife (Katie) had the privilege of attending a conference for adopting moms called “Created 4 Care” in Atlanta, GA. She says she had a great time. . . but there’s no way she had near a good of time as the boys and I had! That’s right – mom’s away means “GUYS WEEKEND!” We had an absolute BLAST!

– Cars I Movie – Friday Night – check.
– Cars II Movie – Saturday Night – check.
– Pizza and cheese sticks and chicken nuggets and fries and Subway sandwiches and Cheetos and french toast and Daylight Donuts and sonic slushes and McDonald’s and Oreo cookies and whole cans of Sprite Zero – check.
– Pocket knives for each boy and a trip to Village Creek to do some ‘man cuttin’ – check.
– Old boxes turned into a life size robot to wear around the house – check.
– Tent in the living room – check.
– Rudolph and Frosty inflatables in the living room – check.
– Duke basketball on the computer –  check.
– Saturday morning cartoons – check.
– No showers on Friday night – check.
– No room clean up until Sunday afternoon – check.
It was awesome. Probably one of the best and most memorable weekends I have had with Luke and Seth ever.
After the weekend, Katie and I noticed something interesting about Luke Sunday night, Monday morning, and Monday afternoon. He was totally compliant (okay, maybe not totally – but 97% compliant), very positive, very obedient, and always replied to us using ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ without being told. Understand, please, that Luke isn’t always a fierce negative rebel. Granted, he has his days, but overall he is good at responding (especially after 2 or 3 whoopins’!). But something was different Sunday night and Monday. He was a buzzing bundle of positive emotions, words, and actions.
Katie made a comment that stuck with me. Referring to my time with them this weekend, she said, “I guess his love tank is full.” Wow. After thinking about it, I think she is exactly right. This is just an observation following a wonderful, quality-time filled weekend, okay, but I am here to tell you that Luke has been a renewed little boy since this weekend. If what Katie says is true, filling a love tank in the way they need it to be filled is a very important thing.
If you think about it, we are all like that aren’t we? When our love tank is full, we are different to be around.
Could it be that you have been “Mr. Crabbypants” because you have forgotten to be loved on by God?
Could it be that your children are “Destructive Warriors” because you have failed to give them quality time. . . on their terms?
Could it be that your spouse’s tank has leaked to the point of reminding you of Godzilla? Is it her/his fault. . . or have you totally neglected their love tank?
How about the people you work with or ‘do life’ with? Are THEY the problem, or is it that you have refused to intentionally tried to fill their love tank?
Or maybe you keep waiting for someone to fill yours, understanding that yours gets filled as you fill another?
That’s the thing about this weekend. Luke’s (and I hope Seth’s too!) tank was filled ….by me! But guess what? Mine was filled too. How? By pouring into those two incredible boys!  Seems crazy, but it’s true. And do you think that this inspires me to want to ‘love them on their level’ even more? You betcha.
So, who’s love tank do you need to fill today? You could wait around for someone to fill yours. Or, you could go ahead and get yours filled by giving yourself to blessing another. It’s really a choice, isn’t it?

About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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