Permission to Look for Things You Dislike Like About Our Church

Sunday morning, following Part One of Wynne Baptist Church’s (WBC) Connections Class I had a couple approach me with a very interesting and important question: “Did you mean that you would allow us to come and change something we don’t like about this church if we join?”

Whoah. Loaded question.

I had ended the class with a discussion about spiritual gifts. I encouraged those in attendance to, if they are led to join WBC, look for ministries that are lacking. My point was that God has wired each of us differently and has gifted each of us specifically for the building up of the church. I stated that if the Lord led them to join WBC, perhaps it would be to enhance an existing ministry or to begin a ministry that they thought was important. God gives spiritual gifts to build up the church. If God leads others to join WBC and gifts them specifically and personally, then they are wired by God to help build up WBC. One of the things I said was, “I give you permission to look for things you don’t like about our church. It may be that God leads you to WBC for the purpose of doing something about what you think is lacking or needing attention.”

The couple that approached me after class had a legitimate question. I am glad they sought clarification. They had been to enough Southern Baptist churches to know that no one likes the “C” word (“Change” for all you ‘other’ denomination people). They were clarifying as to whether or not their suggestions would be met with joy or, um, ‘non-joy.’ Great question.

My response?

I thanked them for asking and encouraged them to approach any area they saw lacking at WBC as potential for them to be used of the Lord to enhance that ministry. I hope all WBC members approach our church this way. Not with an eye to come in and change everything that is going wrong, but with an eye to see how God may have gifted you to help enhance a ministry that needs tweaking. Or to start a ministry that needs starting.

One mindset seeks power over the body (“I can’t believe y’all aren’t doing this! Move over and let me show you how it’s supposed to be done!).

The other seeks to serve the body (“I think I might could help in this area so that more might come to know Christ.”). Know what I mean?

What is lacking at the church where God has you? How come it bothers you so bad? Could it be that God has gifted and equipped you to make it better? What passion has God given you to further His kingdom? What can you do enhance His church right now?


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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