Shifting Slippery Sandy into SOLID Sally

Yesterday at WBC I continued the “Focus on the Family: Issues, Identity, and Intentionality” series. This makes the fourth week I have focused on specific issues married couples must address head on in order to move toward healthier marriages. Today’s topic was “the quarrelsome woman.” Or “the nagging woman.” Or, “the woman who just won’t leave her husband alone.” Other names for this type of woman are:

Quarrelsome Queen – Angry Amy – Nagging Nancy – Fretful Freda – Unstable Mabel – Drive You Crazy Mrs. Daisy – Bothersome Brenda – Pester Esther

You can read about her in the Bible here, here, here, and here.

The aim of the message was to help women/wives who might be guilty of nagging or being critical of their husbands move toward a “building him up” approach.

You can find the sermon here.

The outline I used was the acrostic SOLID (taken from Proverbs 27:16 – slippery oil cannot be grasped in the hand; so I aimed at turning a ‘slippery Sandy’ into a ‘SOLID Sally’.)

S – Stop and Think

O – Own the Nag/Offer a Sacrifice

L – Listen

I – Intentionally Crown (See Proverbs 12:4)

D – Direct the Future (See Proverbs 31:28-29)

The Wall Street Journal I referred to can be found here.


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