Passion for Tires Saved My Marriage!

From the WBC pulpit a few weeks ago, I shared about the ‘tiff’ Katie and I had been in regarding the ‘low tire pressure’ light that kept coming on in our Highlander. I argued everything was fine. Katie was convinced we had a slow leak in one (or all!) of our tires. I wanted respect and trust. She wanted love and security.

The problem had never been officially resolved. The tire light stayed on, yet the tire pressure remained the same on all 4 tires. Monday, however, we encountered a problem. Katie and the boys were dropping me off at the Memphis airport while they were to continue on to Birmingham. When we got out to say out goodbyes, Katie looked at the passenger’s side rear tire – there was a nail lodged in it! I thought, ‘Oh Great! I have got to catch a flight to Houston and now ‘Mrs. Scared to Death of Low Tire Pressure’ has spotted a lodged nail!’ I didn’t say that – but I was thinking it. I had about an hour and a half until my flight. . . here is what happened next:

– Katie stopped an airport employee about where a nearby tire shop might be. He immediately looked up on his Yelp! app and found a place about a mile from the airport. He gave us the phone number and we quickly drove away.

– Katie called the Winchester Tire and Alignment and told of our dilemma.

– The fine people at Winchester Tire and Alignment assured her that they could get to the problem immediately and that I would be able to make my flight.

– I walked into the shop told them who I was and that my wife had just called. While the lady behind the counter asked for my keys, a voice in the background was already calling for someone to get my car (he overheard who I was and was on top of his job!).

– I gave them my keys, they got our car, and I got the family to come in and use the restroom. This tire shop had nice chairs for waiting, a big screen TV, ample assortment of magazines, a clean and air conditioned waiting room and bathrooms, free coffee, and a huge vending machine.

– Minutes later the lady behind the counter came to us and informed us that the nail had not broken through to do any damage to our tire and that there would be no charge. They even checked all the pressure in all the tires and everything was fine.

– Within 10 minutes, I was back in the Highlander driving back to the airport.

– Did I mention they didn’t charge a dime?

I’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone was so nice and kind and eager to jump on our problem and handle it for us. They could have easily charged me $50 for their ‘labor,’ but they didn’t. They seemed to really care about us. Did I mention this was a tire shop?

Guess where I am going to go to buy new tires? You guessed it: Winchester Tire and Alignment.

Okay, so maybe the title of this post is a bit extreme. But here’s the thing: Both Katie and I were happy when I was dropped of at the Memphis airport. I still had plenty of time to spare and she was confident of the tires she was riding on. All due to a group of people who took seriously their job and the people they served. And they were a group of people selling and working on TIRES!!!!

Makes me wonder how well I am doing as a pastor of a church to incorporate this kind of ‘service for others’ when it comes to the Gospel? Is it obvious that we are as passionate for people to ‘get’ the Gospel as others are that we ‘get’ tires?


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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