Pitiful Pearl, Bobby Petrino, and Me

When I throw myself a pity party, my wife very affectionately (and rightfully) calls me ‘Pitiful Pearl.’

I thought Bobby Petrino’s apology was well done . . . until the end.

I didn’t like the end because it reminded me of . . . me.

Unless you have been living under a rock, if you live where I live (the great state of Arkansas), you know that it has been a rough week for the Razorback family. The issues surrounding Bobby Petrino have been consuming to say the least. Tuesday night, my family and I went for a walk with our dog and noticed NOBODY was outside doing anything in our neighborhood. Nobody. It was a beautiful evening. Beautiful sunset. Cool temperatures. Everything, weather-wise, was perfect. But NOBODY was outside. Then it hit me that while we were walking a certain news conference in Fayetteville was taking place. Hence why NOBODY was outside.

Wednesday morning I woke up and read Petrino’s statement of apology. You can read it for yourself here. I really liked what he had to say. I thought he chose his words carefully and handled the awful situation with as much class as anyone in his situation could. And then I read the last paragraph. It reads:

“I want to thank Chancellor Gearhart, Jeff Long, the Board of Trustees, the university administration, faculty, staff,       students, alumni and fans for the opportunity to serve as the head football coach at the University of Arkansas for the past four years. I was not given an opportunity to continue in that position. I wish that had been the case, but that was not my decision. I wish nothing but the best for the Razorback football program, the University and the entire Razorback Nation.”

The 2nd and 3rd sentences made me mad. Real mad. He was given the opportunity to coach . . . he had a contract extension. It was his decision . . . he just made the wrong one.

Why did that make me mad? Because I DO THE EXACT SAME THING. I blame others for my situation and circumstances instead of owning up to it. I hate it. But I do it. I am the world’s worst (Read: ‘Pitiful Pearl’) at assuming others are the reason I am in the current shape I am in.

I get it honestly. This problem dates back to the creation of humans. Remember what Adam said? “Eve made me do it!” Remember what Eve said? “The snake made me do it!” (See Genesis 3)

The Christian knows, however, that freedom and heaven are found in owning up to it and admitting your need of help (Read: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”).

Aren’t you thankful that even while we were sinning and blaming and being pitiful, God sent Jesus to rescue us (see Romans 5:8)?

Perhaps I need to learn a lesson from Petrino. Maybe I need to quit figuring out a way to blame, admit that I have blown it, accept the consequences, and run to the one who took on my punishment out of love for me? He promises to work all things together for good, right? (see Romans 8:28)

Suddenly, I feel freedom. You?


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. Thanks Brother
    You are always steering us to examine ourselves and to search out God’s answers for our situations.
    God is good.
    Isaiah 41:10
    Stay in the battle

  2. Great post, Pastor! I am messy, sinful, and prone to wander, and no one is to blame but me! I’m so thankful that God through Christ is continually restoring this rebellious child to Himself! May I be faithful to declare the freedom I’ve found in Jesus to other Pitiful Pearls just like me and you!

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