Sunday Reference and Extra Parenting Quote

Sunday morning, I finished the “Focus on the Family: Issues, Identity, and Intentionality” Series at WBC. The title of the final message was “Intentional Parenting.”  

In the message, I quoted from a very helpful (for me, personally) resource by Randy Stinson and Dan Dumas called Stand Up! A Guide to Biblical Manhood It is super cheap at Amazon. The hard copy is is only $4.49 and the Kindle edition is only $3.49.

The chapter I quoted from is called “Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Baseball, Biblical Masculinity, and Godly Character.” In the chapter, Stinson lists eleven connecting points between baseball, biblical masculinity, and godly character:

#1. Play Ball: Umpires and Understanding Authority.

#2. Take One for the Team: Self-Sacrifice and Toughness.

#3. Slide! Obedience to Authority.                                                       

#4. You’re Out! Unfairness.

#5. Strike 3! Failure.

#6. When You Can’t Find the Plate: Humility.

#7. Keep a Short Memory: Resilience.

#8. Winners and Losers: Grace, Mercy, and Honor.

#9. Thanks Coach: Gratitude.

#10. Shake it Off! Leadership and Encouragement.

#11. Father, Where Art Thou? The Decline of Baseball. 

As I said Sunday, this is a GREAT reminder to parents that we are called by God to use sports, school, TV, etc. as tools to point our children Godward and build in them biblical character.

The pastoral staff team here at WBC is currently reading through Tim Keller’s King’s Cross. This morning we discussed chapter 12. In the chapter, Keller had a remarkable quote about parenting (I wish I had reread the chapter before Sunday. . . . I would have used it!):

“Unless you sacrifice your freedom and a good bit of your time, your children will not grow up healthy and equipped to function. Unfortunately, there are plenty of parents who just won’t do it. They won’t disrupt their lives that much; they won’t pour themselves into their children. They won’t make the sacrifice. And their kids grow up physically, but they’re still children emotionally – needy, vulnerable, and dependent. Think about it this way: You can make the sacrifice, or they’re going to sacrifice. It’s them or you. Either you suffer temporarily and in a redemptive way, or they’re going to suffer tragically, in a wasteful and destructive way. It’s at least partly up to you. All real, life-changing love is substitutionary sacrifice.”


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