The Day There Was ‘A Movement’ at WBC

Pastors always pray for a stirring in a service. Pastors long for there to be movement in response to the hard work put into producing a worship experience. Rarely, however, does it happen when the end result is uncontrolled laughter where the pastor is blaming someone else for what happened.

In recent days, I have reflected on the past 7 years of ministry at Wynne Baptist. Without a doubt, the single most hilarious moment in ministry to date happened about 4 years ago at the close of the 11 o’clock service.

I post the link below by popular demand.

Click here to watch. [Make sure your volume is all the way up for the full effect.]

For those watching this for the first time who have no idea what happened, I would LOVE to read your comments and guesses. Please feel free to comment below.

Go ahead, watch it again. Oh. My. Goodness.


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. susan williams

    I would have to agree that was the funniest service ever. Lol.

  2. Holly Tiemann

    One of my favorite videos! I and my whole family have watched it many times! Praying for your family as you start a new journey at your new church.

  3. Still one of my favorite video clips in the history of video clips. Props to Lisa D Luv for the evil genius that was required to pull it off (because we all KNOW it wasn’t an accident).

  4. Connie Pearson

    I’m still convinced that it WAS you. Love, Your Mom

  5. Mothers always know.

  6. Sandra Wallace

    Sounded like you guys had a RIP roaring good time Sunday night at church!!!!!!

  7. It’s a classic!

  8. I totally agree. I have watched it over and over. Memories of WBC when Dr. Matt pastored will never be forgotten. LOL. Love you’ll and praying for your transition that all goes well.

  9. Someone should submit that America’s Funniest Home Videos! It’s a winner!!

  10. The quilty party is always the first to deny

  11. Bryan Steeves

    Having spent a week with you in Ethiopia, I’m fairly convinced it was YOU!!Either that or it was those darn Wakefields!!

  12. Every pastor should be able to rip one from the pulpit every now and then to get a reaction from the church!

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