The One Sunday I Wasn’t ‘Pastor’

Yesterday was weird.

The Pearson family is currently on vacation. My last Sunday as pastor of Wynne Baptist Church was last Sunday (June 24th) and my first Sunday as pastor of First Baptist El Dorado is this Sunday (July 8th). So, for a little break we decided to travel South to the beach for a few days.

Everything has been perfect. We’ve body surfed the waves (the boys and I), turned into raisins in the pool (mainly the boys), watched the Disney channel (all of us), read by the ocean and pool (mainly me), gotten a lot of sun (mainly Katie), eaten delicious food (all of us), and laughed until we hurt. What a gift this vacation has been for my soul!

But yesterday (Sunday) was weird. We all went to a local church here. Both to get a word from the Lord in a corporate setting AND to make sure the boys NEVER think we just go to church because daddy is the preacher. It was the one Sunday I wasn’t ‘really’ pastor anywhere.

You know what I realized? Wynne Baptist Church was carrying on just fine without me AND First Baptist El Dorado had been carrying along fine for the past 6 months or so without a pastor.

This reminded me of this all important truth:


Jesus will build His church, not Matt Pearson. Wynne Baptist and First Baptist would be just fine if I didn’t even exist. God is not in the least insufficient that He might need me to fill in where He is lacking to take care of two churches in Arkansas. That’s ridiculous.

Having said that, however, He has chosen to use me. He created Matt Pearson and called him to serve as a pastor of a local Southern Baptist Church. He has wired me a certain way that He will use to build up His church. He doesn’t need me in the least. But He has chosen to use me.

It was both humbling and refreshing to be reminded of this. Humbling in the fact that if I didn’t exist, these churches would be just fine (probably better!). Refreshing in the fact that I am to go to FBC El Dorado trusting in the way God has wired me, work tirelessly to the best of my ability, be resolute to focus on the task at hand, while walking in holiness and in the fear the Lord.

The same is true for all of us, you know. God doesn’t need you. But He HAS chosen to use you. Where has He placed you and how has He wired you to be used during this season of your life?


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. Klayton Seyler

    Great word brotha!

  2. Marvin A. George

    Looking forward to you and your family coming! Just curious: How do you prefer to be addressed? Dr. Pearson? Bro. Matt? Matt???

  3. Lacey Powell

    Thought about yall Sunday as I attended church with my mom! Yall will be missed, but we need to share ya with the rest of the State! Tell Katie to soak up some sun for me!

  4. Great insight as always! I am so sad to get on Twitter right when you’re leaving, but I will continue to follow you. Have a great vacation.

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