Why I Use the ESV – Part 3

The title of this particular post is a bit deceiving. The main reason I currently use the ESV can be found here (part 1) and here (part 2). Since I am continuing with the theme of Bible translations, I kept the title.

The ESV translation is not by any means the only good translation available in the English language. By God’s amazing grace and love for us, English speaking Christians have access to multiple translations to help us know and understand the true and living God more accurately.

Here is a list of the top five Bible translations (my opinion!) available for English speaking Christians living in the year 2012. I base these five on the two very important components of readability AND accuracy. It is one thing to be accurate (it’s crucial!). But if it cannot be understood, it is pointless for the reader. It is another thing, however, to be readable (again . . . crucial!). But if it is not accurate, then it will lead the reader away from the true and living God. So, in no particular order, below are the top five translations available that are both readable and accurate:

1. The English Standard Version (ESV).

Read the previous two posts and click the link above.

2. The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB).

I am currently using this translation to read the Bible through chronologically and loving it!

3. The New American Standard Bible (NASB).

This translation is VERY similar to the English Standard Version regarding style, readability, and accuracy.

4. The New International Version (NIV).

Very easy to read and very good overall accuracy. Please note: I know VERY little about the 2011 version of the NIV. My familiarity with this translation is from reading the version used in the late 80’s and 90’s.

5. The New King James Version (NKJV).

This translation is an updated version of the King James Version. John MacArthur’s Study Bible with this translation is tremendous.

I would encourage you to get a copy of at least one of these translations. If possible, I urge you to get a copy of all five. Why? When you study your Bible, having various translations to compare and contrast opens up a whole new world of understanding the Word.

Tomorrow I will close this series by pointing you to one of the most REMARKABLE translations I have seen. Almost ANYBODY can understand and grow in their knowledge of God and the Gospel.


About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. Connie Pearson

    Well, for what it’s worth, your Mom still loves her New American Standard version, the one with years’ worth of underlinings and notes in the margins (many from your sermons, by the way). However, I really appreciate the way you’ve laid out all of your reasons behind your choice of the ESV and say a hearty “Preach on!”

  2. Glad you have the Holman there at number 2. In the past year God has showed Himself to me more than ever before… He has worked in my heart, and made me crave more and more of His Word. And He did that through the HCSB. Therefore, it will forever (or until Godly persuasion otherwise) be my favorite and most used translation.

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