He is Faithful

Long story, but Katie and I are now at a different guest house here in Addis Ababa. This place does have internet access (free!) so perhaps now any updates will be a bit more detailed and frequent.

Here are some thoughts I typed out this morning before I realized we did not have internet access:

Last night, after Katie and I cleared customs at the airport in Addis Ababa – having been on an airplane for right t 24 hours – I noticed I was out of clean pages in my passport. Ecuador three times. Vietnam two times. India. Thailand. Turkey. Zambia. Dubai. Ethiopia now for the second time. .
He has been faithful every single time.
When we landed in Addis last night:
Our luggage made it . . . all of it.
We made our connections . . . all of them.
We made it to the guesthouse . . . in the dark.
We slept hard in a comfortable bed . . . somewhat comfortable.
We had a warm shower . . . well, slightly warmer than freezing with water pressure a bit stronger than a trickle.
We just finished a delicious breakfast of fruit oatmeal, banana bread, scrambled eggs, coffee, and a banana/apple/pineapple/milk smoothie . . . that I hope was safe!
God is faithful in all things and in all ways.
I can’t say that on every international trip all of my luggage made it.
I can’t say that every meal I have eaten has been delicious.
I can’t say that I have slept hard on comfortable beds every time.
I can’t say that every shower I have had was warm or made me cleaner than before I took the shower.
I can’t say that I have remained perfectly healthy before, during, or after each trip.
But I CAN say that EVERY time, in EVERY situation and circumstance God has been faithful.
As I type these words on this computer it is evidence of the faithfulness of God. Were He NOT faithful, these thoughts would be jumping from my fingers to the screen!
The last time I was in Ethiopia a precious little orphan legally became a Pearson. It has been two months since I have seen her. Hugged her. Kissed her cheek. Seen her smile. Heard her sweet voice. When I left her two months ago, I told her I would not leave her, but would come back for her. By God’s grace and faithfulness to me, I am back to bring her home.
Father God, would You please help Birtukan taste Your faithfulness today as she experiences the faithfulness of her mommy and daddy who came back to bring her home. When she sees us today, may her heart know she can trust us; and may that trust be a catalyst for teaching her heart what it means to trust You, the faithful God who will NEVER let her down.

About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. Praying and faithfully checking for updates! We can’t wait to meet her and welcome you ALL to the neighborhood and city.

  2. Sandra Wallace


  3. Saw pictures on FB. Who is the little boy in the picture and can you bring him on home with you for us? Oh wait, I guess I should check with Linda before you bring him home in your suitcase. You are a blessed family!

  4. So happy for you all! Praying for safe travel back with your little girl!!

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