Quickening Quotes

The quotes below all relate to leadership. If you are a leader in some capacity, take heed. If not, pass them on to a leader in your life. John Maxwell says that everything rises and falls on leadership. I think he’s right. So, here goes:


“Wherever you see something going well-whenever light begins to chase back the darkness that threatens to engulf our our world, look closely. There stands a leader who is holding that candle.”

“It all boils down to diligent, God-honoring leadership. It’s true for Willow, and it’s true for your church. It’s true for your family, your business, and your community. Leaders must ‘lead with all diligence,’ Romans 12:8 says … All progress hinges on diligent leaders, God’s preferred method for transforming the world.” Bill Hybels


“One of the primary reasons churches are empty is because church leaders love their models more than they love people.” Andy Stanley


“It’s tough to hear AU players questioning other players and their leadership. Somebody has to step up.”

[This was taken from a tweet by Kevin Scarbinsky who was interviewing Kodi Burns (former Auburn player who know coaches with Gus Malzahn at Arkansas State)]

Kodi Burns’ quote about Auburn players is so pertinent for all things leadership. If you have followed Auburn at all this year, you will know that for anyone who is devoted to the Tigers – this season has been deplorable. They are awful. It’s sickening to watch. What did Kodi Burns think the problem is? Leadership. Remember, he played on the 2010 National Championship team. Did they have leaders? You betcha. Remember Cam? How about Fairley? They were leaders.

I think Burns is 100% correct. Leadership changes everything – either for the good or the bad. Auburn has gone from National Champs to the worst of the worst in 2 years. How? Leadership. It’s THAT important.



About pastormpearson

Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. Richard McClendon

    I am impressed with our new leader at First Baptist Church, do you know his name?



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