Amazed In Car Rider Line

Every morning, I have the wonderful privilege of taking my kids to school. The discussions, laughter, noises, jokes, stories, songs, and smells make the 10 minute car ride jam-packed with action.

Most mornings, a particular husband and wife team are volunteering their time to direct traffic, move parents through, and point children in the direction they need to go. They are always patiently smiling – even when kids are finishing their homework, eating their breakfast, saying their final good-byes, having their family devotion, planning their next trip to Disneyworld, and talking to their grandparents on the cell phone before they get out of the car (what else could some of these people be doing in their cars between the time they stop their car at the drop spot and their kid actually gets out of the car?!?!?!?).

Seriously, this couple does a great job of smiling and directing parents and kids to where they need to go to try to help the line go as smooth as possible. I have been impressed by them and usually pull out with a smile on my face because they have one on theirs (even when ‘momma slow poke’ is in front of me). It is a remarkable thing just for a couple to volunteer their mornings to dodge minivans.

Today, however, I was blown away. It was truly remarkable. Literally. I noticed the wife first. She was dressed up like ‘Raggedy Ann” as she waved the cars through (remember, today is Halloween). I thought, “Well how cool is that? What a nice touch that she dressed up for the kids as they got to school!” THEN I saw her husband. You guessed it. HE was dressed up as “Andy.” Yes. A husband dressed up as the male component to the duo “Raggedy Ann and Andy.” He was smiling and waving and pointing people in the right direction just like always. I was amazed. They were remarkable.

Think about it: Did they have to do that? No. How long does directing school traffic last? Maybe 30 minutes. Would anyone have been upset had they NOT dressed up? No. Did the school ask them to dress up like that on Halloween? I am guessing not. So why did they do it? To add a small, yet very potent, taste of joy to parents and kids as they drove through the car-line this morning. Today was going to be a ‘special’ day anyway because it is Halloween. What kid doesn’t like having gobs of candy dumped into a plastic pumpkin by people they have never met for a couple of hours on a Wednesday night? But this couple – they made a school morning a remarkable school morning.

It made me personally evaluate myself using questions posed by my friend Danny Franks:

“So what are you doing that’s worth remarking on? What’s the memorable moment you’ll create for your kids today? What’s the takeaway your team will talk about? How are you going above and beyond in caring for the people around you? What makes you remarkable?”

How can you make today, tomorrow, this week a remarkable experience for those you influence?


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Follower of Jesus. Husband to Katie. Father to Luke, Seth, and Birtukan. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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  1. This touched my heart! Thanks!

  2. They should’ve dressed up as undead zombies. That’ll get kids into the school faster.

  3. After being a teacher who was assigned “car duty” for quite a few years — through rain, sleet, snow, wind, heat, etc — who had her hairstyle destroyed before she ever saw her first class of the day, who signed in on those mornings by 7 a.m. in order to get to my spot when the first children were allowed in the building — I AM BEYOND IMPRESSED with the idea that a couple would do this job voluntarily. There were many times when I thoroughly enjoyed greeting the children as I opened their car doors and directed them inside. It was also very revealing to see what the insides of some of those cars looked like, especially through thick clouds of cigarette smoke, etc. The fact that this couple shows up every morning is remarkable enough, but I agree that today they went WAY beyond the call of duty. I hope you’ll do something nice for them when they least expect it. 🙂

  4. Richard McClendon

    Very good, you make an A for this one.



  5. That is remarkable and I heard the same comment from another friend today. What a challenge to all of us grands! Have a Happy!

  6. This post warms my heart that people notice good deeds. I just love Kyra and James Dismuke. (aka Raggedy Ann and Andy!) Their ability to make people happy impresses me everyday!

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